Generate your customised math questions in 2 minutes.

"Education is hard work. For that reason, we created Vicuna that houses tools to help you work more efficiently."

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Vicuna is an EdTech company that develops educational tools to aid your teaching and help your students learn better.

Scholaebot generates math questions in pre-design templates (worksheet/exam papers) or your very own customised branding.

Scholaebot API generates the math questions to be displayed directly on your website/platform.

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Teachers love creating content for their students to learn. Vicuna’s Scholaebot is a tool that enhances the process of creation for teachers. With just a couple of clicks, create customised and updated content for your students to learn better.

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Scholaebot API

Plug Scholaebot into your own learning management system for your teachers/students to access Scholaebot content with ease!


“Scholaebot’s system is able to cut down our material making time by allowing our coaching staff to autogenerate questions. What used to take about 30 minutes to prepare has now cut to 1 minute. This has enabled our coaching staff to focus more on enhancing our teaching methodologies for our students.”

Mr Chia LH,
Director of Education and Operations of Cognitive Development Learning Center